Welcome to a space where creativity knows no bounds! Are you a maker, crafting unique wonders that deserve to be seen? Join our neurodivergent-affiliate marketplace and showcase your creations to a community that truly values your talent. Whether it's tangible products or digital masterpieces, this is your platform to shine. Benefit not only from sales but also from the satisfaction of knowing your work is reaching an audience that understands and appreciates the effort behind every creation.


Brief explanation of the neurodivergent-affiliate marketplace and the inclusive community it fosters

Why Join as a Maker?

To write: Highlight the benefits of joining, such as a supportive community, a dedicated audience, and the opportunity to showcase and sell your unique creations

How it Works

To write: Provide a step-by-step guide on how makers can integrate their products, set up shop, and start earning through affiliate links.

Onboarding Literally Made for You

Ease in. The Villej platform isn't just about building a brand; it's about solving our chronic economic disempowerment. From our store pages to our onboarding guides, every level of this enterprise has been built on the principle of accessibility. Every step of our growth is driven by an autistic level of respect and compassion for the hardships this community faces. Y'all have had to endure too many unwelcoming work environments where the training doesn't teach us what we need to know.

Villej strives to make anybody involved at any level feel valued, competent, and autonomous. The cofounders have invested years studying pedagogy and developing onboarding processes in many contexts. As neurodivergent people, we are aware of neurodivergent needs, and we don't bask in pride about what we know. We are committed to building a community where we share our trade knowledge in digestible formats catering to people with different sensory needs or learning styles. Where we fall short of preparing you for an easy A+, we will do our best to understand feedback and create new kinds of access.

/joke. There will be NO tests! Only friendly answers to your questions as long as you're with us 😊

Support and Resources

To write: Outline the assistance available, including tutorials, forums, and any support channels for makers to maximize their experience.

Ready to Be Appreciated?