(NT: neurotypical)

(ND: neurodivergent)

What is neurodivergence?

Anybody whose way of thinking and experiencing the world varies significantly from most of the population.

It doesn't really say what you are, but rather what you aren't: neurotypical.

If you have a cognitive, emotional, or other psychological disability or diagnosis, this would all be included by the term "neurodivergence". The term is about the experience we share of being "othered", or "marginalized" because of the way our brains work.

Lavra regularly maintains a playlist of videos related to neurodivergence that you may find informative or helpful. We aren't endorsing everything that everybody here says, and you can let us know if you think one or more of these videos is inappropriate or should removed for any reason—or if you have a great video to add!

Lavra's Neurodivergence Playlist

Assorted videos on some common forms of neurodivergence. 

Life hacks, perspective shifts, and self-discovery