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Villej is Co-Creating Community Wealth

Making a better world

  and better jobs 

 for neurodivergent people worldwide.

Accessibility means more to us than checking a box, it means making access possible and easy for everybody who wants to be involved. We place continual focus on:



Peer Support


Villej has nearly created a multi-vendor, affiliate marketing platform for turning NT money into ND money.

But there's more to do, and we need your help to make it all happen.

Our goal is to make a space where everybody can participate in the way they want.

can just create and not have to market.

can just make stuff without having to set up a store.

can focus on the platform, accessibility, support, and customer service.

can sell to a larger audience within their existing store, just by opting in.

can just market and not have to create products.

Through the Villej brand, we are co-creating neurodivergent community wealth and building the bright future we want to give each other. <3

How does Villej work?

Villej is an online marketplace and system allowing for co-selling and combining efforts under the support of a community brand.

Where to Find us

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How do I get involved?

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